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Rainstorms produce large amounts of water and when it all hits the roofs edge you need to channel it away from your home or building. Properly installed and cleaned gutters will protect your home from wood rot, causing overflow that can flood basements and work it's way in your home around windows and doors.

Gutters and downspouts need to be clear of any material organic or not. Sticks, leaves and even kid's toys will block rainwater will overflow. Clogged gutters in the winter freeze and the added weight will pull the gutter away from the home.

Gutters should be cleaned least twice a year especially if the roof is directly beneath trees.

There's no need to worry about keeping your gutters or home clean.


1) Do I need to be home for you to clean my gutters?
Answer- No, We will come to your home clean the gutters and leave an invoice for you.

2) What method do you use to clean the gutters?
Answer- We hand clean in the Spring and water flush and in the Fall we use blowers to clean the gutters and downspouts.

3) Why do you use blowers instead of water in the Fall?
Answer- Water cannot push the leaves that may be stuck along the side of the downspout out. Our blowers send 200 MPH of air through the down spout ensuring that nothing remains to cause a clog when we are finished.

"Hi Rob, Thanks so much for sending your guys. I really appreciate such quick action. Meatballs and Sauce will arrive shortly."

Jo Anne Alissi


Your guys were all awesome. Second, your son deserves special recognition. He can fill you in. Lets just say he accepted my request for a special task in fixing a drain pipe and before he even knew how dirty/tight the space was, he volunteered to fix it. I did not expect that at all. I gave them each a $20 tip and even suggested your son need not share all of it since he was the one who got dirty and took care of this extra. But, he said he would always share. We also chatted a bit afterwards and as I was thanking him he kept saying no worries, he thanked me and suggested your company is all about small town values and service. You guys rock. No one in your industry (or service/contracting) in general does what you do. Fair price, great work and a winning attitude. You are sitting on a gold mine. That kid will help you take this to the next level in short order.

Brian D Somers, CT


"Rob- Thank you for your help at a critical time."

P. Brown West Hartford


"Thanks, Rob- Your guys are absolutely terrific... Couldn't be nicer.



Thanks for making extra effort to come a day early to clear my gutters before the big rain. The upper gutters were really jammed and I was worried about a backup into the house.

Just wanted you to know I appreciate the effort and the fine service for a first time customer.

Ed Callahan



Welcome to Rob Polo Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing 

Hand Cleaning and Water flushing in the Spring and 200+MPH air blowing of the roof and gutter in the Fall will keep the water flowing.

We provide free estimates right over the phone for most homes.

Gutters need to be cleaned regularly, and downspouts need to be flushed. Gutter cleaning is a small price to pay compared to the cost of repairs. If your gutters or downspouts are plugged, water can seep under the flashing and rot your eaves, facia board, and even leak into your house.

Failing to clean gutters regularly can crack a home’s foundation, cause mold and mildew in attics, flood basements and provide fertile breeding ground for disease carrying mosquitoes-and most homeowners insurance policies won’t help you with the costs associated with damage.

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