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Cleaning your slate roof will remove the algae, mold and lichens leaving a beautifully restored look.

The picture above is a slate roof in West Hartford 
The black algae pictured in the bottom is completely removed when ​we are finished.​

We Specialize in cleaning slate roofs.

Cleaning slate roofs is not for the inexpereanced.

I have cleaned slate roofs for over 10 years and our process leaves a your slate roof clean and undamaged.

We never walk on your slate roof. Using booms or staging with stablizer equipped ladders, we safely access your roof from peek to base.

Our three step process is simple and safe for your roof:

  1. ​Wet the roof down from top top bottom in small sections.
  2. Apply our Algae and Mold killing detergent with an air pump sprayer
  3. Carefully low pressure power wash each and every piece of slate on the roof.
  • We arrive at your home on time
  • No project is too small
  • Our service technicians are company employees
  • We guarantee our work
  • American owned Business

Fully Insured - General Liability and Workers Compensation

Slate Roof Cleaning

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